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RAKwireless is a manufacturer of solutions dedicated to LoRa and LoRaWAN technology, which are proven to transmit small data packets over very long distances, while maintaining low power consumption of the device. It is a company with many years of experience and working with global partners such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. Rak understands the full range of application requirements, being at the same time a manufacturer of network equipment (internal and external gateways), end devices (end-points) , as well as components that allow customers to design and manufacture their own solutions (modules and SIP chips for LoRaWAN). Their wide range means that customers with different, often specific requirements can find the right products in the RAK portfolio.


RAKwireless - Where IoT is Made Easy


  • Since inception (2014), manufacturer focus on Lora and LoraWAN technology
  • RAK equipment has an excellent balance between price, quality and functionality
  • Comprehensive approach to LoRaWAN - manufacturer of both end devices such as Gateways, Endpoints, as well as SIP modules and circuits for in-house design and build solutions
  • Long-standing member of the Lora Alliance, which supports and develops the LoRaWAN standard worldwide
  • A manufacturer developing a community around LoRa technology, as well as educating people about its capabilities - a dedicated group of modular products, WisBlock, along with dozens of components and educational kits
  • Software to facilitate network management, speed of implementation and module programming (RUI3, WisDM, Wistoolbox)



IoT Solutions

LoRaWAN technology itself, allows long-range communication, while consuming low amounts of energy, allowing devices to operate for many years with minimal maintenance. All of this makes the solutions ideal for applications requiring the use of multiple devices in a large but confined area. Due to the use of the LoRaWAN standard, a physical network, once built, can be used for many systems - parking sensors, monitoring of environmental parameters, remote meter reading or management of urban systems such as street lamps or waste bins. Users who decide to build their own LoRa/LoRaWAN networks are often motivated by the desire to be independent of external companies and installations..

RAKwireless as a specialist supplier for all system components, understands the specifics of the application and the needs of different users, which is why, in addition to the aforementioned products, it also offers hardware and software tools to support software development, testing, physical network construction and management..


Współpraca z Soyter Components

  • Specialisation - focus on wireless solutions at a significant part of the scale of operations
  • Authorised distributor in Europe
  • We advise you on the right solution for your application - you can be sure that we will tell you which device or module is the best technical and price choice
  • Many RAK solutions available in our warehouse with delivery in 24 hours
  • We provide technical support for RAK solutions