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4G Modules

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4G or LTE is a fourth generation wireless communication standard, implemented in 2006. The maximum speeds for Category 1 (LTE Cat 1) are 10 Mb/s for downloading and 5 Mb/s for uploading, while for Category 4 (LTE Cat 4) it is as much as 150 Mb/s for downloading and 50 Mb/s for uploading. Corner. 1 will work well in LPWA systems due to its low power consumption, while Cat.4 will cope with the transmission of high-quality video and audio, which will be used, among others, in monitoring, multimedia streaming and VoLTE verbal communication

An extension of 4G is LTE Advanced (LTE-A), which can achieve speeds several times higher than the Cat 4 standard, up to a maximum of 2 Gb/s (Cat 20).

LTE modules from Quectel have access to many supporting technologies, including: MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output), ensuring connection reliability, orGNSS receivers for satellite positioning. They also offer backward support operating on the2G and 3G standards, ensuring connectivity also in places where there is no 4G coverage.




  • Tracking
  • Digital signage
  • Environment monitoring
  • Fleet management
  • Industrial and commercial routers
  • Industrial PDAs
  • Tablet PC
  • Security systems
  • Intelligent measurement systems and energy networks
  • Mobile devices
  • Drones
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