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Amotech – Advanced material on Technology, is a manufacturer, established in 1994, of a wide range of passive components, including all types of antennas for ISM, WiFi/WLAN, GSM, GPS, FM bands, etc., varistors, ESD quench elements, passive EMI and CMF filters, chokes made with multilayer technology, and BLDC motors. In addition, the manufacturer also offers a selection of UWB (Ultra Wide Band) modules, developed in cooperation with NXP.


Amotech Group

    • Established in 1994 in South Korea
    • Sales of more than $190 M (*2021).
    • More than 800 employees of which more than a hundred R&D
    • More than 1,000 patents worldwide

AMOTECH company profile 2021

Amotech has developed a wide variety of global market leading products such as chip varistors, NFC antennas, wireless charging antennas and electrical shock protection devices. In addition to the IT sector, Amotech is involved in the research and development of core components and solutions that are perfectly compatible with the energy and environmental industries. One of the technologies Amotech is developing is also UWB. Ultra-wideband (UWB) modules are electronic devices that use ultra-wideband technology to transmit and receive signals over a wide range of frequencies. UWB is a wireless communication technology that works by transmitting very short pulses of radio energy over a wide frequency spectrum. These pulses are spread over a large bandwidth, typically several gigahertz.

UWB modules are used in a variety of industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare, industrial automation and smart home systems. They enable precise indoor positioning, wireless connectivity, secure keyless access systems, real-time location tracking and more.

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