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The Bocard enclosure line is a modular housing system that perfectly adapts to various application requirements while maintaining a high IP rating. It has an interesting design, thanks to which enlcosures can protect both the electronics of HMI solutions and electrical elements inside and outside buildings.


For outdoor solutions exposed to changing weather conditions (rain, UV radiation), we recommend using the Bocard enclosure in PC material UL 94 V0. Bocard enclosure bases are offered in two height and five width sizes. The top and bottom of the enclosure are connected via hinges with the option of additional locking with a key. The series has a wide range of accessories, including rare solutions that separate the base into electronic and electrical parts. Electronics can be mounted inside the enclosure horizontally or vertically. Outside the enclosure, there is a wide surface for milling holes for cable glands or various types of connectors. Just under the enclosure cover, you can place an aluminum plate for durable and solid installation of the display, keyboard or mechanical buttons.


Characteristic elements of the Bocard line:


Modular enclosure system with many cover variants
Modular system with a large number of cover variants: from crystal clear hinged ones to designer ones in open, semi-open and closed versions.
Flexibly divided base
The base can be flexibly divided using partitions and cover elements.
Accessories that improve the aesthetics of enclosures
A wide range of accessories makes the enclosure system even more design-oriented.

In our online store you will find a full range of standard Bopla enclosures from the Bocard line, of which Soyter Components is an authorized distributor in Poland. Information about the availability of non-standard dimensions or colors is available at:



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