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Minew is an international company founded in 2007 that specialises in innovative IoT solutions based mainly on Bluetooth communication. It also offers solutions in other technologies such as UWB and LoRa. The manufacturer works with more than 80 brands from a cross-section of industries, including Google, Nordic, Alibaba and Cisco, among others. Minew has completed more than 500 successful OEM/ODM projects, and holds more than a hundred patents. Minew's goal is to advance IoT and optimise customers' lives, work and businesses.



Minew Technologies Company

  • Founded in 2007
  • Strategic partner of Nordic Semiconductor
  • The smallest Bluetooth module available on the market with a screen
  • Global presence, over 250 employees
  • More than 500 projects and ongoing cooperation with more than 1500 clients
  • Automated production with a capacity of millions of pieces per year
  • Products with full certification for global use

Minew Production Line

Minew's core business is the design and implementation of IoT solutions for a wide range of applications. The company has more than a decade of experience in the design and manufacture of RF products, having one of the broadest portfolios of Bluetooth module solutions on offer. At the same time, Minew is one of the world's largest partners of Nordic Semicoductor, integrating their chipsets into higher level integration solutions - modules. This gives customers the opportunity to implement Nordic solutions in their devices faster and with less complexity, saving time and development costs. The modules have the necessary certifications for global use, including CE, FCC, IC, RCM, TELEC, WPC, SRRC and RoHS & REACH. The manufacturer also allows firmware to be uploaded at the module manufacturing stage.

Additionally, as part of ODM, Minew has completed more than 500 custom projects spanning concept, hardware, software design and manufacturing. This further enables them to understand the needs and requirements that project clients place on their modules.

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