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LPWA Modules

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LPWA modules are devices with a long radio communication range, using mainly NB-IoT and LTE-M networks, while consuming low amounts of energy , which allows them to work for many years with minimal maintenance. All this makes them perfect for applications requiring the use of multiple devices or working in remote locations where maintenance conditions may be difficult.

The development of LPWA technology has made it possible to connect many items in the IoT network that were previously only used passively, such as street lamps or garbage bins. Now they can be controlled remotely or their operation automated, and their monitoring can allow for a better understanding of their use and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire system. The use of this technology allows you to make huge financial savings, ensure the ecology of the solution and its safety for employees.




  • Tracking
  • Security
  • Environment monitoring
  • Smart farming
  • Intelligent waste management
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Smart home devices
  • Intelligent measurement systems and energy networks
  • Wearable devices supporting health and fitness
  • Wireless Points of Sale

Soyter Components offers a wide range of Quectel devices, able to meet the needs of many applications and industries, as well as support in the process of implementing these technologies.

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