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The Alustyle designed using a stylish asymmetric aluminum profile in precisely refined "extruded profiles" technology, in configuration with elegant designer accessories will surely impress you.

The system groove integrated in the profile enables the installation of any decorative strips or slide-in wall holders. Three profile variants (closed ASP, semi-open ASPH or open ASPU with matching panels) provide the right solution for every installation situation. In addition, the recess of the profile enables to face the display and/or keyboard in a modern-looking HMI panel. In combination with seals and side covers (including hinges, with battery compartments) they ensure a minimum IP65 ingress protection rating and easy service access. Possibility to integrate heatsink, use matched EMC seals if required by design.

The characteristic features of the Alustyle line are:


Asymmetric stylish profile
Asymmetric stylish profile.
Elegant designer accessories
Elegant designer accessories.
Integrated groove and three profile variants
Integrated groove and three profile variants.
Various types of side covers
Various types of side covers.
Profile recess for mounting the display and keyboard
Profile recess for mounting the display and/or keyboard.
Various wall mounting systems
Various wall mounting systems.
EMC protection
EMC protection.
PCB guides
PCB guides.
A system of colored seals and protective rubbers
A system of colored seals and protective rubbers.


In our online store you will find a full range of standard Bopla enclosures from the Alustyle line, of which Soyter Components is an authorized distributor in Poland. Information about the availability of non-standard dimensions or colors is available at:


Application examples

Alustyle example use of application no 1
Alustyle example use of application no 2
Alustyle example use of application no 3
Alustyle example use of application no 4
Alustyle example use of application no 5
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    Additional services

    Experience and hundreds of initiatives implemented together with our clients allow us to offer a number of additional services covering each of the purchased enclosures. Our projects bring the product closer to its final form, accelerating the process of integrating the finished project. Specialists cooperating with us can carry out the necessary modifications for you in the field of:

    • machinal processing,
    • lacquering,
    • printing,
    • engraving,
    • electronics integration.

    By selecting the right enclosure for your requirements and making the necessary modifications, we make sure that you get the product you are looking for. The great advantage that we have been able to build based on many years of experience is the ability to properly optimize costs while maintaining high quality standards. With the services we offer, we shorten the delivery time and reduce transport costs as well as the risk of rejects or the need to make corrections.

    The scope of mechanical processing includes such activities as: milling, drilling, cutting aluminum profiles or threading. Modern machinery and CNC devices operated by highly qualified employees are not the only advantage of the additional service. Another of the machining processes that we offer is welding of plastics. Plastic enclosures supplied by Bopla are equipped with sleeves for mounting mounting plates or PCBs. It happens, however, that additional fastening is needed in a different place than provided by the manufacturer. We can then propose to weld the spacer pin at the appropriate point thanks to a special welding method.



    In our catalog of services, we also have the option of improving the surface and aesthetics of the enclosures. Digital printing, screen printing and pad printing, laser marking, engraving or finally, lacquering and powder coating will give the housing an individual character. We can apply any customer's design to the housing, from the company logo, through appropriate markings, to specific operating instructions. The concept of surface improvement covers technical processes that improve product properties, e.g. protecting the enclosure with EMC coating by vapor deposition of appropriate coatings (metallization), lacquering with conductive copper lacquer or using additional contact seals.

    It is worth mentioning that we do not limit ourselves to the personalization of enclosures. It also applies to, for example, front panels, profiles and selected accessories.



    The last group among the services we offer is the widely understood integration of electronics inside the enclosures. We support in the integration of: electronic modules, electromechanical components, touch screens, displays, membrane keyboards, cables, EMC shielding. At the same time, we offer conventional forms of assembly, including the most popular ones: surface mount (SMT), through-hole (THT) and various soldering and bonding techniques. By using our component integration service, we minimize our customers' own workload and take over the risk of faulty production. In addition to the integration of membrane keypads or display solutions, we also have the competence to offer the right product tailored to individual requirements (customized).


    For more information on additional services or a detailed quote, please contact us directly.