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SMART Modules : AI power from Quectel for Your device
Quectel, a leader in innovative communication solutions, is introducing SMART modules that are revolutionising the IoT market. These advanced devices combine computing power, wireless connectivity, operating system and storage, and thanks to Edge Intelligence, or edge processing, they also provide fast data processing where it is needed. This makes them an indispensable part of future-proof technology solutions.
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LC76G - the innovative GNSS module by Quectel!
The Quectel product features a number of solutions that contribute to prolonging battery life, including the Active Low Power mode and the EASY function. These solutions make the LC76G the ideal product for those looking to extend battery life as long as possible while maintaining very high efficiency.
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Quectel Connectivity-as-a-Service
Quectel has launched Connectivity-as-a-Service. From now on, a single integrated business environment facilitates the deployment and development of IoT applications. Combined with modules and antennas, the manufacturer is building a consistent and comprehensive environment to facilitate work on Internet of Things projects.
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