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Espressif Systems

The low-power revolution - ESP32-H2 and ESP32-H4
Espressif is revolutionising the low-power device market with the introduction of two SoCs: the ESP32-H2 and the new ESP32-H4. The ESP32-H2 focuses on Bluetooth 5.3 communication and IEEE 802.15.4 standards, while the ESP32-H4 goes a step further, offering the newer Bluetooth 5.4 standard and advanced audio features. These innovative products offer significant improvements in power consumption, advanced wireless connectivity and enhanced memory capabilities.
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Espressif Systems presents ESP32-H2
The ESP32-H2 combines important connectivity technologies such as IEEE 802.15.4 radio connectivity, which is crucial for low-power mesh architectures, and Bluetooth LE to support point-to-point, broadcast and mesh communication topologies, and enables direct communication between a smartphone and an ESP32-H2-based device.
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