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LC76G - the innovative GNSS module by Quectel!

LC76G - the innovative GNSS module by Quectel!
LC76G is a Single-Band GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver module, dedicated to applications requiring the lowest possible energy consumption. Created by Quectel, a manufacturer with a strong position on the market, it uses many navigation systems such as GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo and BDS, which allows for high tracking precision. Additionally, it is supported by technologies such as ALP and the EASY™ function.

Energy-saving solutions

What distinguishes the LC76 from the competition is its extremely low power consumption. Thanks to the ALP (Active Low Power) mode, energy consumption occurs in three phases. The first of them uses full power for a short time, gradually switching to lower consumption in subsequent phases, which translates into longer battery life. The particular competitiveness of the LC76G module in the PB version is due to the power consumption of 15mA in Acquisition and Tracking modes, as well as 13μA in Backup mode. Other advantages of the device are its small size - 9.7 x 10.1 mm, the use of Flash memory and providing support for as many as three ports - UART, I2C and SPI. The LC76G is also designed to be compatible with the Quectel L76 and L76-LB modules, allowing for seamless migration between them.

LC76G module applications

New opportunities for consumers

Introducing an energy-efficient product to the market while providing precise localisation is particularly valuable, especially in situations where it is difficult to replace batteries or accumulators. The LC76G is an ideal solution in the area of logistics and shipment monitoring, as well as in waste collection systems. Implementing methods from the Internet of Things market to check the filling level of bins in the city results in significant cost reductions. Instead of collecting all waste bins regardless of how full they are, thanks to the use of GNSS and wireless communication technology, companies can empty only the full bins, thus saving on transport. In other areas, the LC76G can be used to track farm animals or protect endangered species. GPS tracking of animals allows researchers to obtain more materials for analysis and enables quick response in the event of animal death. It is worth mentioning that in the case of predators, changing the tracker will not be so easy, which is why a device with a long battery life is so important in this area.

EASY™ function

The GNSS module may encounter difficulties in more demanding conditions. GNSS requires continuous reception of a direct signal from the satellite, which may lead to interference if the device is located in a city or inside a building. At the same time, signal searching is a stage of high power consumption and peak battery consumption. Therefore, Quectel decided to meet these problems head-on by implementing the EASY™ (Embedded Assist System) function in the module. The module calculates and forecasts orbital positions while storing this information in its internal memory. This solution significantly reduces the time needed to determine the orbital position, and thus reduces battery consumption.

LC76G GNSS Module Introduction


Quectel LC76G (PB) - GNSS module Free samples

Quectel LC76G (PB) - GNSS module

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