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Quectel Wi-Fi 7 - modules for next-generation connectivity

Quectel Wi-Fi 7 - modules for next-generation connectivity
In January this year, Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global provider of IoT solutions, launched Wi-Fi 7 modules - Quectel FGE576Q and FGE573Q - which are the first products in the Wi-Fi 7 module portfolio planned for the next 3 months. These innovative devices bring faster speeds, greater bandwidth and higher performance by leveraging the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard. They are designed for a variety of applications, from smart homes to industrial automation. Norbert Muhrer, president and CSO of Quectel Wireless Solutions, emphasizes that these modules represent a new standard for short-range wireless communications, opening new opportunities for many industries.

Technical possibilities

The FGE576Q offers an impressive data rateof up to 3.6Gbps, while the FGE573Q supports up to 2.9Gbps. Operating on dual bands simultaneously - 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz + 6 GHz - FGE576Q offers very low latency, ensuring real-time response speed. In addition to dual Bluetooth integration, both modules support LE audio and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), offering a maximum data rate of 2 Mbps and BLE Long Range capabilities. The modules are also distinguished by the Multi-Link Operation (MLO) function, which minimizes delays and increases network reliability.

wifi 7 module


Wi-Fi 7 represents a key advancement in wireless communications technology, delivering higher data rates, lower latency and increased network reliability. Quectel FGE576Q and FGE573Q modules can be ideal solutions in various fields, including cloud gaming, 8K streaming, augmented and virtual reality, IoT industry and telemedicine.


In terms of security, these modules are equipped with advanced features such as WPA3 encryption, ensuring confidentiality and integrity of data transmission. Their compact design facilitates integration with a variety of devices, enabling manufacturers to create elegant and efficient products. Quectel employs leading industry practices and standards to mitigate potential security vulnerabilities using third-party testing companies and has incorporated security practices such as SBOM and VEX file generation as well as binary analysis firmware throughout the software lifecycle.


Quectel also offers a range of high-performance antennas, including: YF0026AA, YEWT004AA and YF0027CAwhich greatly enhance wireless connectivity, and various Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antennas, providing flexibility and compatibility for a variety of customer design needs. Thanks to this, Quectel supports customers in the process of designing and introducing 5G IoT devices to the market.

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Quectel FGE576Q - WiFi+BLE module Free samples

Quectel FGE576Q - WiFi+BLE module

134,22 zł gross
Quectel FGE573Q - WiFi+BLE module Free samples

Quectel FGE573Q - WiFi+BLE module

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