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Quectel Connectivity-as-a-Service

Quectel Connectivity-as-a-Service

Quectel has launched Connectivity-as-a-Service. From now on, a single integrated business environment facilitates the deployment and development of IoT applications. Combined with modules and antennas, the manufacturer is building a consistent and comprehensive environment to facilitate work on Internet of Things projects. The service already covers more than 190 countries. It allows to create global applications and significantly accelerates their commercialization.

The recognized manufacturer of solutions for the Internet of Things has decided to harmonize its offerings more strongly and has launched Connectivity-as-a-Service. From now on, the module, antenna and connectivity service can be obtained from a single supplier. This will facilitate the development work on the project and measurably save the time needed to launch it. The proposed tool will also simplify the deployment process on edge devices, and thus accelerate the commercialization of finished solutions. The establishment of partnerships with more than 500 local telecom operators has enabled the rapid introduction of the service in many global markets. In Poland, Quectel provides 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE-M connectivity.

In addition, the service will minimize the effort required to manage a traditional SIM card. This will serve to optimize business efficiency. The solution reveals its full potential when we consider the use of an integrated SIM card (eSIM and iSIM). In the manufacturer's offer we can find, for example, the BG773A-GL module, which is based on iSIM technology, a card embedded in the SoC. This innovation provides many possibilities, such as device miniaturization or using the saved space for additional functions of the developed application.

As Richard Hart, Director of Global Connectivity at Quectel explains, "The service presented is based on the company's values of providing reliable products of the highest quality. It is backed by trusted suppliers and carefully crafted service level agreements (SLAs)." As a result, devices based on the CaaS service are assured of the best available network as soon as the module is launched. Richard Hart also adds that the company is focused on providing commercial flexibility and aims to provide the highest level of connectivity quality that will realize the needs of designed IoT solutions. To this end, self-optimizing tariffs are being used to minimize the risk of additional charges resulting from, for example, wireless over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

The emergence of Connectivity-as-a-Service is by no means the result of momentary market trends. It is backed by years of connectivity experience gained in Asian markets. We are talking about QuecConnectivity, through which Quectel manages tens of millions of SIM cards in Asia. CaaS is the next step in the natural development of the environment and provides customers with a full range of products and services from a global manufacturer. "We want to reduce the complexity of the process for our customers so they can fully focus on application development. This will help simplify and accelerate the deployment of Internet of Things devices. We are fully committed to driving innovation in the IoT industry, and Connectivity-as-a-Service is another milestone in this journey. We have been helping IoT companies build a smart world for years, and now we want to connect it as well." Quectel CEO Patrick Qian summarizes the service.

Quectel Connectivity-as-a-Service is a solution you can take advantage of today. If you want to know more details, we invite you to read the brochure below and contact us. As an authorized Quectel partner in Europe, we will be happy to tell you more about the service and clear up any doubts.