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Our Solutions

BoVersa - new enclosure standards
Bopla introduces a new enclosure line, combining fresh aesthetics with versatility in the BoVersa series. The unique modular system allows for customised lid configurations and ensures optimal ventilation and safety through the use of aluminium bases and intelligent cooling design.
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LC76G - the innovative GNSS module by Quectel!
The Quectel product features a number of solutions that contribute to prolonging battery life, including the Active Low Power mode and the EASY function. These solutions make the LC76G the ideal product for those looking to extend battery life as long as possible while maintaining very high efficiency.
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Espressif Systems presents ESP32-H2
The ESP32-H2 combines important connectivity technologies such as IEEE 802.15.4 radio connectivity, which is crucial for low-power mesh architectures, and Bluetooth LE to support point-to-point, broadcast and mesh communication topologies, and enables direct communication between a smartphone and an ESP32-H2-based device.
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VAR-SOM-MX91 Premiere Soon

VAR-SOM-MX91 is the latest System-on-Module from Variscite, which was recently demonstrated for the first time at the COMPUTEX 2023 conference in Taipei, as part of NXP's announcement of the upcoming i.MX 91 SoC.

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Soyter Components, based in Klaudyn near Warsaw, is one of the longest-operating distributors of semiconductor and electronic components on the Polish market. Since its inception in 1995, the company has focused on providing solutions that give its customers technical and business advantages. At the same time, building long-term partnerships with its suppliers, which translated into the company's concentration, specialization in the range of products offered and great opportunities to support customers in the field of business and technology.

We are a fully Polish company, and the people in our team are characterized by high professional ethics, great specialization and focus on our clients' projects and applications. Adding to this many years of experience, dynamic operation and constant curiosity and willingness to acquire knowledge in the area of modern technologies, we believe that we can provide our clients with an attractive offer and professional service.

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