IoT Microcontrollers

IoT Microcontrollers

Microcontrollers are the core of many devices. Advanced functionallity which guarantees the autonomy of such solutions is the major advance of microcontrollers. Wireless data transfer of this solution enables communication between devices and updating of their software. Another advantage of microcontrollers is their low energy consumption which is very important for battery powered devices. To sum up, all those features make microcontrollers a perfect solution for IoT projects.


Soyter Components offer includes Espressif, products. Espressif is a manufacturer of advanced industrial components for wireless communication. This manufacturer has wide range of programmable microcontrollers that are compatible with WiFi and Bluetooth. Espressif also offers modules, development and testing kits that are based on their SoCs. Espressif products have Fixed-BOM declaration, from 10 to 12 years of manufacturer support, fully legit MAC addresses and all necessary certificates.


EspressifESP32 chip is used in many applications. This SoC is marked by low energy consumption, high performance and functionality (which includes WiFi and Bluetooth communication). The basis of ESP32 chip is 32-bit 240 MHz clocked core. Next to it we have energy-sufficient cooprocessor which manages deep-sleep function. ESP32 microcontroller also supports many perypherals and interfaces like DAC/ADC converters, I2C, UART, SPI, CAN 2.0, PWM or RWII. SoC has integrated 520 KB SRAM and 448 KB ROM memory.

Supported communication standards:

  • WiFi - 802.11 b/g/n/e/i (802.11n @ 2.4 GHz up to 150 Mbit/s)
  • Bluetooth - v4.2 BR/EDR i Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Security is one of the crucial issues in IoT applications. Espressif SoC's support WFA, WPA/WPA2 i WAPI, Secure Boot, Flash encryption, 1024-bit OTP (768-bit for clients) and AES, SHA-2, RSA, ECC, RNG.

There are many variants of ESP32: SoC - ESP32-D2WD with 2 MB FLASH and System-in-Package - ESP32-PICO-D4, with 4 MB FLASH. There are more differences than only amount of FLASH memory. SiP version of ESP32 , includes crystal, filtering capacitor and RF lines. Different is also the package of those versions: for ESP32-PICO-D4 it is LGA and for ESP32-D2WD - QFN48. There are also few variants of ESP32-D2WD for example versions with one core or variants without FLASH memory.

There is no chance to fully make use of microcontrollers without certain software. There is wide range of operating systems that can be used with ESP32 microcontrollers, e.g. Arduino IDE, Mongoose OS, Zephyr Project, Lua, MicroPython

Amazon FreeRTOS

Only few operating systems has sufficient functionality to fulfill requirements of the top grade projects. One of these systems is Amazon FreeRTOS. Enormous experience, the newest technology and position of Amazon in the market are only few advantages of this solution. A:FreeRTOS gives a chance to forget about connectivity problems, communication restrictions between different platforms or problems with licences and fragmented code. Amazon operating system gets rid of these issues, enables connection with AWS IoT Core cloud and local access points like AWS Greengrass. Amazon extended the kernel of FreeRTOS system by adding simple API which does not drain the memory. Amazon FreeRTOS gives a chance to connect the IoT devices with cloud, update them by OTA or encrypt data..



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Tibbo Plus1 SP7021-IF - mikrokontroler

PLUS1 512MB internal DRAM, -40C ~ +85C

Catalogue index: TIB000221

PLUS1 to SoC firmy Tibbo Technology do aplikacji kontroli przemysłowej oraz IoT. Chip bazuje na systemie Linux, ma obudowę LQFP, wysoką moc obliczeniową oraz posiada wiele interfejsów. Produkt ten sprawdzi się w produkcji nisko- jak i średniowoluminowych.

  • System operacyjny: Linux
  • Wielkość pamięci RAM: 512 MB , 128 MB
  • Zakres temperatury pracy: -40...+85 stopni Celsjusza
US$32.54 US$26.46 + 23% VAT
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Espressif ESP32-S0WD - chip WiFi+BLE

Single core, no embedded flash, QFN 5*5

Catalogue index: 015766

Chip ESP32-S0WD posiada jeden rdzeń, 520-kB pamięci SRAM, 448-kB ROM oraz 16-kB SRAM in RTC. Produkt obsługuje łączność WiFi i Bluetooth.

  • Package weight [kg]: 0.015
US$4.60 US$3.74 + 23% VAT
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Espressif ESP32-D2WD - chip WiFi+BLE

Dual core,2MByte flash ,QFN48 5*5

Catalogue index: 014902

Chip ESP32-D2WD obsługuje łączność WiFi, BLE oraz posiada 2 MB pamięci Flash. Produkt został także wyposażony w 520-kB pamięci SRAM, 448-kB ROM i 16-kB SRAM in RTC.

  • Package weight [kg]: 0.015
US$5.66 US$4.60 + 23% VAT
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Espressif ESP32-D0WD - chip WiFi+BLE

Dual core, No embedded flash ,QFN 5*5

Catalogue index: 014402

Dwurdzeniowy chip ESP32-D0WD nie posiada pamięci flash, natomiast dysponuje 520kB pamięci SRAM, 448kB ROM oraz 16kB SRAM w RTC.

  • Package weight [kg]: 0.015
US$5.26 US$4.28 + 23% VAT
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ESP32-PICO-D4 to moduł typu SiP, opracowany przez firmę Espressif. Produkt posiada 4MB pamięci Flash, dwurdzeniowy MCU oraz obsługuje Wi-Fi i Bluetooth Combo. Złącze: LGA48-pin, 7*7mm

US$4.60 US$3.74 + 23% VAT
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Espressif ESP32-D0WDQ6 - chip WiFi+BLE

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Wirelles SoC, 2 Tensilica L108 cores QFN 6*6, no embedded flash

Catalogue index: 012877

Chip ESP32 produkowany w technologii 40 nm układy umożliwiający łączność bezprzewodową za pośrednictwem standardu Wi-Fi lub Bluetooth. Zaprojektowany został z myślą o IoT oraz niewielkich, przenośnych rozwiązaniach.

US$5.26 US$4.28 + 23% VAT
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