Embedded systems


By SoM or CoM (system-on-module/computer-on-module) we mean ready to use computer solutions with embedded hardware (processor, memory, power supply, PCB and interfaces) and software (OS, drivers, libraries). These solutions provide complete, embedded devices for many applications. SoMs often work with Linux and Android operating systems which are great for building HMI panels which are widely used in medical devices, industrial or home automation, fiscal devices, vending machines or POSes.


How did the SoMs become so popular lately? Isn't the preparation of such projects with single processor cheaper and more simple? Unfortunatelly it is just a mirage. Using simple and cheap microcontrollers may be easy when it comes to hardware. Problem starts when it comes to software. Building a compatible software require much more time and limits the possibilities of developing sufficient user interface. Complete operating systems give much more flexibillity and are free from many problems right on the start. Choosing the SoM based on Android OS, gives us a fully working devide with advanced operating system. Most of the customers say that choosing a complete SoM is cheaper than building device from scratch on same components.


First advantage of SoMs is reduction of time needed to end the project and put completed product on the market. Deployment of standard solution lasts from 18 to 36 months. Deployment time can be reduced to 6-18 months only by using a SoM instead of standard solution. The manufacturer does most of the work with the implementation of software, processor and perypherials. Everything, including PCB, power supply and wireless communication is done by the manufacturer. Implementing high frequency paths, memory buses, wireless connection and a power supply requires additional equipment, documentation and a lot of knowledge. Obtaining these things during the realization of project carries a risk of many errors. Consequences of such approach could appear right after introducing of the product on the market. Comparing not only the costs of components but also development it appears that solutions based on SoMs are much cheaper. It is much easier even for big projects to use ready to use embedded computer rather than solution built from scratch.


Complete embedded solutions are also very easy to maintain. Service and configuration of modules with proper connectors is much easier with ready-to-use SoMs. Extending the functionality by adding advanced graphic interfaces is also very easy to implement. Another advantage of embedded solutions is simplified process of ordering and logistics. Client orders only one product.

Soyter Components offers solutions of four System-on-Module manufacturers (SoMLabs, Grinn, Variscite and Quectel). Our clients can choose from wide range of modules (soldered or with connector) that are compatible with Windows, Android or Linux. Every product comes with necessary documentaton, ready-to-use images of proper operating system and schemes of additional interfaces.



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Embedded systems
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SoMLabs VisionCB-8M-STD v.1.1 Carrier Board (i.MX8)

VisionSOM-8Mmini Carrier Board

Catalogue index: Som000045

Płyta bazowa do komputerów SoM firmy SoMLabs z rodziny VisionSOM-8Mmini (iMX8). Produkt w wersji v1.1.

US$60.46 gross US$49.15 net + 23% VAT / szt,
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SomLabs SLS23X8MMQC_1800C_02GR_08GE_1WB_C (i.MX8)

VisionSOM-8Mmini (SLS23)

Catalogue index: Som000034

SoM z rodziny VisionSOM, oparty na procesorze i.MX8M Mini 1,8GHz (iMX8), wyposażony w 2 GB pamięci RAM i 8 GB pamięci eMMC. Moduł posiada WiFi/BT i pracuje w zakresie temperatur od 0 do 70 stopni Celsjusza.

US$106.82 gross US$86.85 net + 23% VAT / szt,
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SoMLabs VisionSOM SLS16Y2_792C_512R_SD_0SF_C


Catalogue index: Som000031

VisionSOM module, i.MX 6ULL Y2 @ 792MHz, 512MB RAM, microSD, 0 +70 C

  • System operacyjny:
  • Standard komunikacyjny:
  • Wielkość pamięci RAM:
  • Wielkość i rodzaj pamięci FLASH:
  • Zakres temperatury pracy:
    • 0...+70 stopni Celsjusza
US$41.54 gross US$33.77 net + 23% VAT / szt,
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SoMLabs VisionSOM SLS16Y2_792C_512R_512N_0SF_I


Catalogue index: Som000029

VisionSOM module, i.MX 6ULL Y2 @ 792MHz, 512MB RAM, 512MB NAND, -40 + 85 C

  • System operacyjny:
  • Standard komunikacyjny:
  • Wielkość pamięci RAM:
  • Wielkość i rodzaj pamięci FLASH:
  • Zakres temperatury pracy:
    • -40...+85 stopni Celsjusza
US$41.18 gross US$33.48 net + 23% VAT / szt,
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Zasilacz do EVB Tibbo SP7021 APR-P0009

Zasilacz 12VDC/1A

Catalogue index: APR-P0009

Zasilacz 12V DC/1A do zestawu rozwojowego SP7021 firmy Tibbo.

  • Package weight [kg]:
    • 0.299
US$10.89 gross US$8.85 net + 23% VAT / szt,
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Kabel USB-C do SP7021 Tibbo WAS-P0055

USB-C cable

Catalogue index: TIB000224

Kabel USB-C do zestawu rozwojowego Tibbo Plus1.

US$6.81 gross US$5.54 net + 23% VAT / szt,
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RAK2013 Cellular Pi-HAT to płytka rozszerzeń do komputera Raspberry Pi z modułem komunikacyjny LTE+GPS. Produkt bazuje na module Quectel BG96.

US$95.59 gross US$77.72 net + 23% VAT / szt,
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RAK2245 RPi HAT Edition to płytka rozszerzeń do Raspberry Pi oparta na module koncentratora LoRaWAN firmy RAKWireless.

US$163.40 gross US$132.85 net + 23% VAT / szt,
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Obudowa do Raspberry Pi TEKO TEK-RPI-X3.9


Catalogue index: TEK000319

Plastikowa obudowa TEKO TEK-RPI-X3.9 o wymiarach 100,8 x 73,7 x 42,5 mm do komputera Raspberry Pi.

  • Package weight [kg]:
    • 0.063
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Tibbo LTPP3 G2 EVB Kit PLUS1 SP7021 - zestaw rozwojowy

Size 3 Linux Tibbo Project PCB (G2)

Catalogue index: TIB000223

Zestaw rozwojowy do mikrokontrolera Plus1 firmy Tibbo, którego funkcjonalność można rozszerzyć przy pomocy Tibbitów.

US$198.54 gross US$161.41 net + 23% VAT / szt,
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SoMLabs VisionCB-STM32MP1-STD Carrier Board


Catalogue index: Som000023

Płytka Carrier Board firmy SoMLabs do komputerów typu SoM z rodziny VisionSOM-STM32MP1.

US$47.21 gross US$38.38 net + 23% VAT / szt,
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SoMLabs VisionCB-6ULL-STD Carrier Board


Catalogue index: Som000001

Płyta bazowa typu Carrier Board do komputerów SoM firmy SoMLabs, opartych na procesorach NXP i.MX 6UL lub i.MX 6ULL.

US$39.65 gross US$32.24 net + 23% VAT / szt,
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