EDAC is a Canadian manufacturer of interface connectors. Since the beginning EDAC put a lot of effort to prepare an an extraordinary products. The company is well known for its card connectors and panel connectors. Despite the traditions, the manufacturers is still working on new solutions.

Canadian manufacturer is first choice for custom solutions. EDAC can prepare special connector strictly according to the customer's project. Highly quallified team of company's specialists guarantees that provided products will have high quality.

Over the past 45 years of constant growth, EDAC significantly enriched its offer with wide range of products (e.g. USB, HDMI, D-Sub, RJ45, FireWire and many more). For the most demanding applications the company has special, waterproof connectors. Such diverse offer makes EDAC a good choice for many different applications. Every customer can find something for him.

On the other hand the variety of connectors is not only advantage of EDAC solutions. The manufacturer also takes care for efficient execution of orders in short time even for custom connectors. EDAC components are being widely used in many devices all over the world. Canadian connectors are being used in wireless transmission, medical equipment, automotive and lighting.

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