DIN rail connectors

DIN rail is a standarized solution for many industrial applications. There is a wide range of electronic connectors that can be used on DIN rails. Such approach is useful in many applications (e.g. control panels, power supplies). One of the major manufacturers of DIN rail connectors is Degson. This company is one of our suppliers.

Key advantages:

  • Terminal block connectors for DIN rails made by Degson are compatible with Phoenix, WAGO and Weidmueller solutions thanks to similar construction.
  • High quality, reasonable price and possibility of fast implementation are great advantages of Degson's solutions make them an excellent alternative for other manufacturers connectors. Furthermore such approach guarantees saving lots of money.
  • DIN rail connectores are very robust and resistant against mechanical damage and vibrations. Degson's high competence is confirmed by implemented and documented ISO9001 and IRIS standards.

DIN rail connectors made by Degson are divided into four branches:

  • PC series
  • DC series
  • WS series
  • DS series



PC series

PC series connectors have PA housing and screwed down copper contacts. Such solution guarantees stable, strong and simple cable installation system. Certification: VDE, UL, CSA, EN60947.


DC series

DC series includes terminal block connectors made of PA with screwed down steel contacts. Certification: VDE, UL, CSA i EN60947.


WS series

WS series connectors have PA housing, copper contacts and Cage Clamp Springs. Certification: VDE, UL, CSA i EN60947.


DS series

DS series includes connectors with PA housing, steel contacts and Dish Clamp Springs. Certification: VDE, UL, CSA i EN60947.


Degson offers not only DIN rail connectors but also a wide range of accessories for them. For specific projects Degson can prepare custom connectors.

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DIN rail connectors

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